Business Development


We are looking for partnerships to expand our business to be a robust growth innovation leader and most valuable global company in improving people’s lives.

  • Working with customers to share our strengths and capabilities, to provide our expertise in advanced pharmaceutical technologies to our customers in innovations and advanced pharmaceutical drug delivery systems, speedup new product development and enhance R&D and manufacturing efficiency and productivity to deliver high-quality pharmaceutical products with low costs.
  • Seeking partnerships in operational marketing and sales strategy is paramount for the growth and profitability of Novelstar.


  • Product development
    • Innovation: Provide the innovative products(NDAs) to improve patients’ lives.
    • Formulations: Drug delivery system development for different dosage forms, including conventional dosage forms and advanced technologies; especially for difficult-to-develop and difficult-to-manufacture products with high market value.
  • Analytical development
    • Analytical method development, optimization, validation, transfer and compendial method verification;
    • Reverse engineering in de-formulation, such as quantitative and qualitative information of excipients in various dosage forms, characterization of API and excipients, etc.
    • Discriminating dissolution method development, IVIVC/IVIVR dissolution and comparative studies;
    • API and finished products release and stability study under cGMP;
    • Support drug development as testing facility and/or filings for various dosage forms.